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August 2007
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mrchom [userpic]

Now anyone who knows me knows that I don't really like some of the senior execs of gaming, not in a personal sense...but in a "You really shouldn't be talking because you're slimey/say silly things/give gaming a bad name/ blah blah blah". I don't like J Allard, I can't STAND Perrin "It's a Ferrari Under the Hood" Kaplan and the newest addition to that list has been Jack Tretton (Almost rhymes with cretin). Now before I go on I must explain WHY I don't like him. I feel his PR stance for Sony has been somewhat of a slimey position. He may be a very nice person, I may one day enjoy a tea while he has a coffee, he may well be very interested in the military tactics of the Napoleonic era...but I don't like him on PR.

First up here's him defending the PS3 non-price-cut (before Kaz Hirai announced that the 60gb model was getting the chop):

Right, so we have some idea that his PR style is....a little annoying. So imagine my surprise when I found him on Kotaku saying something I actually agreed with about e3. http://kotaku.com/gaming/kotakutalku/jack-tretton-on-the-death-of-e3-278422.php

Now forgive me for saying so, but Jacky Boy is right, E3 does need to go and hide in a hole till someone has a clue WHY it exists or IF it should even exist.  He's right to question these things because this is what I question every time E3 rolls around.  Sure, it's neat, it gives me trailers to download...but when all's said and done...what actually is the point?