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August 2007
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mrchom [userpic]
We've been in mourning

You may have noticed that GrumpyGamers hasn't poster in a little while, this is out of respect for our beardy liverpudlian (and not as previously thought Scottish) friend Peter Moore moving from Microsoft....to the enemy of Grumpy Gamers everywhere.

Now we respect the fact he's moving for his family, we think that's great, it shows you can be in games and not be a prat.  Heck, we have massive respect for Mr Moore all round, we loved him for the Dreamcast, and we loved him when he came back and did it again for XBox.  He's our special little man with a really dodgy tan.

The reason we're in mourning is that by leaving for EA he actually takes with him a small grain of gaming goodwill, and by extension actually brings some credibility to the EA Sports brand.  Don't get us wrong, we don't hate EA because they're big, we hate them because of their standards and practices.

Hopefully Peter and the exec who stated annual sequels were not the way will have some impact on the ramshackle mockery of a set of studios that EA has become.