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August 2007
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mrchom [userpic]
We've been away...

Yeah, shock horror, we went away and did stuff in real life, oh no, the world has ended, get a gript and move on, people.

So yeah, today was one of those days where something so heinously WRONG occured that the world stopped and we were allowed to get back on. So we've all heard about the pure paedophilic joy the Japanese are extracting from Idolm@ster, and frankly it's a little creepy...you haven't? No? Time for a recap:

The Idolm@ster is a game where you are manager of a sickly sweet Japanese pop act, right down to the dances they do, and the things they sing. It's halfway to a dating simulator...with one minor snag. All the girls look about 8 years old:

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See what I mean? I mean come on, you can claim the game is innocent all you want....but when the girls have trousers with splits up the side to the hip you kinda lose that right. So Idolm@ster...pretty creepy, huh? Well it gets worse, waaay worse.

Now there's a porn version, and yes, the girls in the new one still look about 8, and frankly...it scares me. Have some videos of the not-porn bits: http://www.dannychoo.com/blog_entry/eng/1067/TimeLeap/

Now again, you can claim they're 16 or whatever....but it ain't working. Flat chested 4 foot tall schoolgirls and porn, mmmm, arrests for all! Oh and before you say "digital characters have no age!" might I just make a point. Dead or Alive has gone so far as to expunge ages from Kasumi and Ayane to make sure they are still sex-objects in the US an Europe rather than walking jail bait. Yes, I know Japan has different standards, and they're entitled to them, there women are over the hill at 19 or something, that's fine because I can't judge their morals from my own biased viewpoint....but I can look at the game as an export from my own moral high ground (more of a mountain top).

Remember. Porn games, fine, sure. Porn games of 8 year olds.....yeeeeaaaaah......not so much.


I know this is old as hell now, but I just wanted to point out: TimeLeap is not a "porn version" of IdolM@ster - it's a different series entirely, just with similar game mechanics. That's like booing Street Fighter because the new Guilty Gear has porn in it.

Also, goddamn, you know some very, uh.. developed 8-year-olds.. if you're saying TimeLeap's characters resemble tots.

...goddam my inability to not respond to criticism, this is the same way wars are started.

Anyway, yes, the now (very much defunct) GrumpyGamers was a bit of a vitriolic look at gaming, anything here you can take with 10 pinches of salt.

Yes, I did realise it was an entirely different series, what I actually meant was "a pornographic game fashioned in the style of Idolm@ster", guess I didn't make that really clear enough.

Also, yes, 8 probably was an exaggeration, I'd still put them in the "if you stick it in there, you're going to get your ass thrown in jail" territory, though, there's still one there who could in all seriousness be no more than 12, though.

Dohoho, that works.